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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

*I'm normally not one to take a superior "eat-your-heart-out" attitude. But this morning, I have one and I'm not too sorry. My husband brought me toasty-warm towels straight from the dryer at the conclusion of my shower this morning. So ladies, eat your heart out. He's mine. ;-)

*Our bathroom doesn't have a storm window, which means we get a draft in there. It also means that we enjoy the delightful scent of woodsmoke from our neighbor's chimney.

*Piper's new favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. We are glad for the break from Enchanted.

*How do you lose an entire package of magnets in less than two weeks? Put them in the toddler's reach, let the cat play with them, and watch them disappear under all the major appliances. The undersides are now coated with magnets. Will this cause anything to blow up?

*Making dinner requires thinking ahead. A day ahead is good. So you can get things out to thaw. Fifteen minutes out for a roast that is still in the freezer doesn't really cut it. Ha ha.

*On Saturday night, we ate a pork tenderloin that has survived at least two moves and three freezers. Believe it or not, it was the best-tasting piece of meat we've had in a long time. Just don't ask us about the after-effects of the meal. ;-)

*I have a spider plant that is a cutting from one that used to belong to Pete's grandfather. I keep forgetting about it. Believe it or not, the plant is still alive. Wonder and astonishment. I think we should give it a name...

*Our cat is a really dumb cat. (Just thought I would throw that one in for Pete's sake.)


Alethea Jordan said...

Eh-hem...I don't want your husband.... =P

I love the smell of woodsmoke, that is so cool to have it in your bathroom.

Beauty and the Beast, huh? That niece of mine is awesome.

Oh, and btw, I don't think the refrigerator is going to blow up just because there are magnets under it. But I could be wrong. ;-)

Jessica said...

Totally identify with the "dinner requires thinking ahead" thing. All too often I don't think about dinner until it should have already been cooking for 30 minutes. :-p Receiving meals from family and friends this week after the baby has been very nice... we've actually been eating at a decent hour!

Undeserving said...

I totally laughed at your spider plant reference. We have a spider plant that was Joel M's for several years. Matt's cat, Tycho, had eaten it down to a brown stump. I felt sorry for it, so Joel gave it to me to revive. It's now absolutely enormous with more babies than I can count. Plus my mom and I have both begun new plants off of it. The parent plant is Abraham, the two starters? Ishmael and Isaac. ;-)

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