Finding Autumn

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yesterday, when I was feeling homesick for Virginia, Piper and I took a short autumn walk with the camera. We found autumn in Charleston; can you believe it?

Little Assistant in Red

Dogwood Berries (Looking forward to spring on this tree!)

All the Colors of Fall

Waiting for Winter


Sweet Gum Fire


Alethea Jordan said...

Beautiful pictures, sis. My favorite is the little assistant in red(with all the colors of fall a close second).

J said...

Gorgeous! Our fall up here has been pretty poor in the large scale, but there have been plenty of localized displays of amazing color.

Now for winter, with its ugly slush and its sparkling, beautiful blankets of white.

Patricia said...

Hi Kelly! Your blog is lovely. I've never known any other fall but what we have in Florida. We have three sweetgum trees in our backyard, and even with the A/C on - like today - it still looks like falls out my back window. It is a deception I can live with! =) Blessings!

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