Piper Knows

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As Piper has grown and we have been working on her boundaries, I have learned to watch her for signs that she understands the boundary. Lately, it is becoming apparent that she understands quite a bit. Her innocent, "Did I do something" look as she ducks her head to try and hide her grin is cracking us up of late.

Yesterday's first was not one of the fun firsts, but it was a first that left me encouraged that setting boundaries for her is not a hopeless cause after all.

She had destroyed a box of Kleenex when my back was turned. This was something for which we have repeatedly chided her, and she has received a slap on the hand when she has touched it in the past.

I discovered the decimated box and its contents on the couch in the living room. Piper was in the kitchen, and I retrieved her and brought her back. When she saw where we were going, she began to look uncomfortable. I pointed to the Kleenex and told her that I was going to need to spank her because she wasn't supposed to get into it.

She hung her head, and I could tell that she knew she should be in trouble.

After her spanking, she cried, surprised that I had done it, but then we cuddled for a minute, and I told her I loved her. I usually try to take some time to get her to look me in the eye after I discipline her. I want her to know that I'm not holding her wrong against her, that I love her.

She knows now when she is doing something she shouldn't. She tries now to pretend that she can get away with it. When we catch her and discipline her, our job is to set the boundary without cruelty. And as much as we may want to stay stern or angry, our biggest responsibility is to shower her with all the love that God our Father offers us after His discipline.

She shies away from love after she's been spanked. But I can give it anyway.


dancebythelight said...

Sounds like me and the boys! :)

Jessica said...

A good reminder! Lucy has definitely been testing out limits lately -- doing the same thing over and over even after we spank her for it. She is a stubborn little thing sometimes. Generally my strategy has been to distract her with something else instead of getting into a power struggle, and remember to praise her when she does things the right way. But giving her reminders that we love her after discipline is an important part of it that I sometimes forget!

Leeann said...

Another way Piper reminds me of me sometimes....

Naomi said...


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