Christmas Bling

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Piper's Grandma Sauer says that all the little girls who come to her house love to play with the strands of beads she keeps in her stash of grandchild toys. I think they must love the glamor. I discovered last night after our early stocking-opening with Uncle Gabe that Piper is no exception to this particular rule.

Even Mia-the-cat (believe it or not!) wanted in on the bling. We draped one of the bead chains over her and she sauntered out of the kitchen to play, swinging her cat hips with all the fizz and glamour she owned. (I have not laughed so hard in a very long time...)

After Uncle Gabe left to pack for his Christmas-almost-moving trip, our late-napped little girl ramped it up for a photo shoot on our bed.

Actually, it was my babe's first annual Christmas Bling Bounce.

And speaking of bling and glamor, Piper is well on her way to trouncing Miss South Carolina in competition. My daughter may be a ditz at times, but she is an educated ditz. After watching the U.S. American edition of this fantastic training video only a few times, she knows exactly what to do with any fork that comes her way. She won't be missing THAT question in any language, Ladies and Gentlemen!


dancebythelight said...

So glad you were able to use the hot chocolate mix for gifts!!

S. Mehrens said...

Love the bling pics. I bought a set of beads like those for Lauren a couple months ago. It's so cute to watch her strut around with them on and a purse on her shoulder. Looks like Piper's having fun too. :)

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