Christmas on King Street - Observations

Friday, December 19, 2008

This post is the last official photo installment in Saturday's King St. series. Be keeping an eye out, though - the photos aren't finished. I'll be posting my new photography site soon!

Bed and Breakfast

There is a funny story behind this one. I peered through the gate you see framing this photo and lost it for the columns and red. As I was shooting, Pete moved on, and a couple passed me, the woman muttering the "duh" to her husband that somebody was having a wedding at the bed and breakfast. "Beautiful wedding location," I thought. "Wonder when the wedding is?"

When I caught up with Pete, he asked me if the photographer had gotten angry with me for photographing his bride.

"What photographer???"

Evidently, I missed the bridal shoot going on in the arbor beyond the columns I was shooting. Oops. It goes to show that you just can't see everything, now can you?

Shiny Blue Bicycle

He Was a Good Dog

Color By Number

Christmas Sidewalk Sale

Golden Fancy Hydrant

Draping Charleston Romance


Alethea Jordan said...

I actually LOVE that top photo. Funny story. =)

the Joneses said...

I am so enjoying these pictures. A small part of the enjoyment is that it looks so sunny and warm -- like the South, for instance!

-- SJ

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