Imagining Christmas

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Most of the time, I am glad to have one of those Big Imaginations. I like to think I have maintained enough childlike-ness to be able to live an imperfect life and still spread a bit of fun. Right now, however, my Big Imagination is being Very Stretched as I watch autumn pacing its way into December here in the Low Country with almost no sign that winter is going to make an appearance.

On our way north to my parents' for Thanksgiving, we stayed the night in Greenville, South Carolina. On top of the nostalgic scent of woodsmoke and dying hardwood leaves in this beautiful small city, our hotel must have had at least ten Christmas trees in the lobby. Piper was entranced, as she was at last night's Festival of Lights; I think she will remember Christmas this year.

But I am very tired. I've spent three days recovering from our Thanksgiving trip, and my already sluggish thought processes have been slowed further by an increasing Herxheimer reaction to my Lyme treatment.

I am listening to Christmas music that always makes me cry. Our Christmas this year will be our first without a major visit to family. This year I have to think of everything we will need for Christmas breakfast. I will wrap all the gifts for my daughter. We're going to open presents before breakfast, instead of after. Perhaps we'll save the stockings until then. I don't know if we will institute a traditional-type Christmas ceremony or just take it all as it comes and see what happens.

Barring a miracle, we won't have snow, but Pete will have two days off, and we will enjoy our time together. We might even get some frost. We had a heavy one this morning.

I don't really have anything profound to say about it all. Christmas will come. We'll do our best to keep up with what we want to do for others. I hope I will live the moments I have, even if they aren't what I might have dreamed. It's life, another day, a reminder of childhood, a time for my child to experience some love and wonder. And you know, Piper doesn't dream of a white Christmas or even Christmas at all yet. She just loves being with the people who love her.

Whatever happens with our preparations (or lack thereof), I think we can manage that gift. I don't have to use a Big Imagination to figure that out.

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the Joneses said...

Christmases on your own can feel empty. But they can also be a relief: no travel, no cranky baby, no living out of suitcases, no trip back home. And your own home and your own Christmas is surprisingly nice.

Is there anyone nearby that you know well enough to invite over for dessert in the afternoon? Since you're the New Folks in town, probably not. But that's what we've done in the past, and it does fill up an otherwise empty day.

-- SJ

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