Friday, December 5, 2008

This week has not been stellar for getting much done in the way of the big Christmas picture. I've been planning since July what I would do for Christmas, but life just keeps getting in the way! Running across two timely posts this week encouraged me not to sweat it too much, and reminded me to enjoy the details and the things that often get lost in the big picture.

Emily over at Chatting at the Sky posted about Being Here, inviting her readers to celebrate the moments that they have lived in between the preparations. She offers a an opportunity to link your own celebration post.

Shutter Sisters, a new blog Heidi sent me this week, offers a lovely post about Exploring the Details of life - looking beyond the obvious and noticing what is beautiful.

More than anything right now, I want to be present, whether for Christmas or for the time I have with my little family. We're getting our Christmas tree tomorrow, I think, and with a break from wedding editing (huge thanks to my wonderful September clients for their gift of patience), I should be posting some Christmas photos soon!

Also, since I know some of you who follow my blog do pray for me, I will just shout out a prayer request. I am increasing my dosage for my Lyme treatment, and it is producing a very strong Herxheimer reaction. I am in a lot of pain right now, and my depression, anxiety, and mood swings have intensified. I am grateful to know that the treatment is working, but I'm very discouraged. Because of my need to maintain functionality so that I can care for Piper, I am unable to take the high dosage I could take to get the major Herxheimer out of the way within a few weeks. This means that I will be most likely be living with these increased symptoms for several months.

In other news, I actually have a rare snapshot of Pete and me. These are so rare that I have to post them! (Special shout-out to our friend Gabe for the catch.)


Shelli said...

Kelly, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Your photos are stunning! I especially love this photo of you and your husband.

I am sorry to hear of the problems you're having. I'll be saying a prayer for you too. Please hang in there.

Kelly Sauer said...

Awh, thank you so much! I just found your site yesterday, and I love, love, love your work too!

Heather said...

Hey Kelly, I've been praying for you. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving visiting with your family. It's hard to believe December is here again!

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