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Monday, January 12, 2009

“The secret is not who we are, or what we are, but in our dedication to Him. In turning over all that we are—for His use—for his purpose. That is the secret. It is not whether we have been given ten talents, or five talents—or only one talent—but whether we are willing to release that talent into the hand of God—to let Him make use of that “little thing” as He desires. He asks only for us—us as He has created us. He decides who we are, what we are, what abilities, aptitudes and gifts we have. We decide whether we are going to willingly give what we are, who we are, back to Him.

“It’s simple, really. God made us. He loves us. He has provided for our redemption. He wants our love and devotion. He knows just what can be accomplished with the little we have to offer Him. It all depends on whether we are willing to give Him free rein. Whether we are willing to say, ‘Here is my little, Lord. Cast it down, break it up, hurl it out, as You see fit.’ Only then will we be of use to the Master… Only then will we be given freedom — released to serve.”

~From The Measure of a Heart, by Janette Oke
Morning panic attacks, a no-napped Piper, a potato reaction, a disorganized afternoon, thwarted dinner plans, my sense of utter failure. I don't have much little left.

And the releasing comes before the doing.


Heidi said...

Awh, sorry babe. At least you didn't twist your ankle and end up a disabled person, like me. :-P

Esther said...

You write it all so pretty, and then...it's application...not so much fun, but truth still.

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