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Monday, January 19, 2009

My mostly hectic morning began with magic today. I can't get this photo out of my head, the colors, the feeling of turning around from trying to capture one thing, and being handed another.

The light only made a short appearance through the gray we have today, and it was behind me when I went out to shoot at the end of the driveway. As I decided to give up because I wasn't getting what I was seeing, I turned around to head back in the house and stopped in my tracks. The cedar tree behind me was weeping diamonds and rainbows. I haven't seen anything so beautiful in a long, long time! I wanted to dance; I still want to cry, finding myself swept up in all that light and color and amazing!

I wrote the other day of my Father's open hands; I wonder if I forgot to mention there how slowly I learn sometimes, how I need to experience life to understand it. Believe it or not, after all my chat about God offering it to me, I actually went looking for something I wanted to find this morning, and I almost missed what He wanted to give me - a moment with Him to wonder, to gasp, to breathe, to remember, a moment to grab my daughter and twirl with her in and around and through the magic.

I don't want to be the one who's old before their time
And lose the wonder that I felt as a child
I can't run this race believing I might lose
There's still so much
To see, so much left to do
Yes I'll fall before I fly
But no one can say I never tried
Oh we just get one ride around the sun
In this dream of time
It goes so fast
That one day we look back
And we ask... Was that my life?

-Jo Dee Messina


Alethea Jordan said...

LOVE all the shots. Especially the one with the dew dripping off the bud. =D

Alison said...

Oh, my. This post and the picture is breathtaking! Love it all.

the Joneses said...

Beautiful post, marvelous picture. Have I mentioned that I love your photos?

-- SJ

Kelly Sauer said...

You have; but I love hearing it again! It helps me keep taking them!

Becky said...

That photo is awesome, as are the words you wrote. Good stuff!

Esther said...

Love the picture, love the moment, love the connection. Thank you

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