An Afternoon With Piper

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yesterday, I didn't have any idea what I was going to shoot for my daily photo, so I decided to bring the camera along while I spent some quality time with Piper. What we got was a fun time together, a little more camera experience, and a post for today.

First, I found a shot for my Project 365.

Then Piper played with her outdoor blocks, which live outside because they absorbed cigarette smoke in the home of their previous owners. Piper likes to throw them around in the yard.

We visited the dog who lives over our back fence,

and then it was my turn to play a little with vines and bokeh.

Piper finished her playtime outside deepening her love for the dirt.

After we came inside, we made cookies together. She wanted me to hold her so she could watch the mixer go, and I told her about how thankful I was that God let us live in this time, so I could have a Kitchenaide mixer, because I couldn't cream the butter and sugar by hand. We cut the cookies out in hearts and ate lots of dough together.

We had a lovely afternoon. Think I'll do it again sometime.


Jessica said...

So cool how you can find beauty in simple things. It's inspiring to me. :-)

Piper is getting big, and cute as ever! I can't believe she actually *wanted* to watch the mixer. Lucy is afraid of ours. Whenever I'm running something loud like that, or the vacuum or hair dryer, she stands there whimpering or crying and saying insistently, "All done? All done?!"

Kelly Sauer said...

I thought Piper would be scared, but she loves it when we get out the vacuum or the blender or anything that is new and different. She's extremely curious and loves loud!

S. Mehrens said...

What a wonderful day. I really wish we could spend more time outside, but today the high was 16.... a little too cold for us, even bundled up. We did spend about 25 minutes outside yesterday, which was fun.

Love the cookie idea. This is what I look forward to doing when I'm not working.

Hilarious about Piper and her blocks... lets just hope Pete doesn't mow down any come spring. :)

dancebythelight said...

Lovely day! I too, wish we could spend more time outside. It's SO cold right now and the boys won't keep mittens on.

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