And the Winner Is...

Monday, January 12, 2009

After some wheedling and a protracted struggle, Piper finally gave up the name she drew this morning to reveal the winner of my weekend giveaway. Congratulations, Christy!

I am so bummed I am only giving one away! So many people commented for it! Since there was so much interest I'll definitely be offering another giveaway soon!

In the meantime, for any who are still interested, I am offering custom headers for $35.00. I also do customized templates, but the wait is longer on these, because my wedding editing does need to come first. Drop me an email if you're interested!


Kate said...

Yay for Christy! Piper "rewarded" her for being first comment! ;-)

HisDelightIsInMe said...

Congrats Christy (even if I'm jealous!) you needed the inspiration as much as I do anyway ;-)

Christy said...

Woohoo! Now maybe I'll blog more consistently. Maybe there are some perks for being the first commenter. :-D

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