Thursday, January 8, 2009

When it all began, you didn't know. It was magic, of course, this joining of two into one.

But it is a daily thing, a nightly thing, a momentary forever thing. Magic becomes mystery, and we are afraid of the unknown. What was supposed to be one is still two, and two cannot be forced by role or definition or expectation.

One day, the fear is just too great to bear alone. You reach out; your hands touch; your eyes meet across the dailiness; your hearts realize that all this time you have hoped for the same thing.

Love asks you to dance, leading you across the floor together, step by uncertain step, reminding, showing, strengthening the trust between you, making room for your limping, stumbling dance, revealing the mystery you fear as something beautiful.

Then you laugh, and you see, and you hope, and you understand that He is not set against you, and will not come between you, for your one is His prayer, and you two are one in Him.

He is able to keep you from falling.

(Image from SXC)


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