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Saturday, February 28, 2009

After lots of prayer and medita -

Okay, okay - let's just say I've been putting in a bit of mental formulatin' on this new look for my photography site, and I took some time to put it together today! (How's THIS for color girls?)

Just a note, as I find time, I will be creating new pages for the Photography and Design links - I want to add a slideshow and link out to some wedding galleries, as well as create a more thorough collection of design examples. BUT all of the links on this site actually work (insert *high, squeaky yippee-hooray!!!!*).

Now it's back to my wedding processing so I can show you some more pictures!


emily said...

You have had more headers and websites in the past month than most people do in a lifetime. I wish I knew how to change things up so well! I love the new photo site. It is marvelous.

And I had no idea you were in Charleston. Not that I knew where you were. But when I don't really know where someone is, I imagine them to be really far away. Like Portland. Charleston isn't all that far...

Kelly Sauer said...

Yes, well, it doesn't take so long when I'm just cropping and dropping words over pictures - today's project was a little more time-intensive because I needed to figure out the html for the photo positioning, but I have a lot of stock, so it went quickly.

I haven't always been in Charleston - my heart-home is Northern VA, in a little brown barn/cottage with a green door... It feels as far away as Portland. :-)

Heidi said...

Love it.

sunmamma said...

Gorgeous I love it!!

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