Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I don't realize how little I have felt until I feel again. Last night, Pete and I talked, long and good and deep and wonderful, and morning dawned and I felt me smile. Piper and I drove today in sun and cold, and I noticed. The sounds of the road on the bridge, just a bit higher than the rest of the road, but not annoying. Abandoned plastic sweeping white into the morning sun, diving beneath and through the cars on the road. Leaves swirling up on winter wind that carries no snow. Flecks of light piercing dark at sunset. Willow weeping gold from blue. Sawgrass waving in the wind, etched against a turning sky.

Clarity that keeps me real.


emily @ ChattingAtTheSky said...

Great post. Here's to noticing.

I need to come up with a different comment for you b/c I have a feeling all of yours are great posts.

Connie said...

I love this photo - reminds me of days on the wheat farm.

Am glad you are 'feeling' again.

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