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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Writing a memory for Piper from Piper's perspective...

Mom and I didn't play as much as I wanted to when I was little. She saw a lot, though. She saw things other people didn't see, and showed Dad and me stuff we didn't know was there. She pointed out airplanes to me, and flowers, and birds, and squirrels on our walks. She saw me find my hand in the sun for the first time, saw me try it in the shadow, and then see it back in the sun again. She wondered about my discovery without making a big deal out of it.

Mom didn't always know what to do with me. Sometimes, we sang A-B-C-D, and we cuddled together - lots. She let me color with markers that were washable, (and with markers that weren't washable), and I got to watch almost any movie I wanted and sit on her lap and watch her work and play in my room (so long as I didn't scare her by pulling the toybox down!). And sometimes, Mom would let me help make the big bed, and we would tickle and giggle and play.

When Dad came home, though, we'd just hang out, Dad and me. He didn't always have something to do, and he would sit with me and watch Tom and Jerry and point out the funny parts. He knew how to talk to me on my level, and he didn't use cute baby talk like mom. We hung out together and did all the grocery shopping on Saturdays so Mom could work (and so Dad could save money without mom's impulse food buys).

Dad's and my favorite place was the sea. When we were there, I loved to be with Dad, running back and forth in the waves, playing in the sand, teaching Mom how to play tag, getting cold together without mom's worrying, even flying. We made a pretty good "us." Sometimes, Mom would try to talk to us, but we didn't much like the camera. She didn't get us, dad and me.

At least, I don't think she did. Moms know about gates and spankings and what babies need to grow. And lullabies and nursings and uncryings and long, long hugs and "i love you's" too. With everything she had going on, I think maybe she didn't see.

Someday, I bet she'll remember, though, and she'll think Dad's and my "us" was wonderful. What do you think?


the Joneses said...

I think she'll remember how great her times with Daddy were. But I bet she comes up with a much rosier picture of Mama than that!

-- SJ

Kelly Sauer said...

We live in hope...

SKELLER said...

Yes, a wonderful moment captured.

patty said...

such beautiful photos and i love the blog from her point of view. what a wonderful keepsake for piper.

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