a little me time

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This morning, I went shopping. All by myself. At Pete's insistence. You know, I had honestly forgotten the absolute healing power of shopping and doing GIRL THINGS without a baby or a husband around. Even if you're just thrifting or window shopping, or walking around in the rain and absorbing the atmosphere, just BEING, all by yourself.

I cried and sang in the car at the top of my lungs, and I decided not to care how bad it sounded, God didn't care, and nobody was there to laugh. I bought me flowers that I couldn't pass up (though I must note that Pete did wonderful valentine things for me yesterday, like getting the piano tuned, and buying me both DVD versions of Sense and Sensibility), and when I came home, I got to take a few more photos of the lovely rain we had today.

Driving and music was healing, feeling, time to open up, to remember that God created me to live, and He placed me here, to wonder, to enjoy, to have fun, to praise Him and find His goodness in all of everything I get to do and be and have and love every day. I'm not of the world, but I'm in it, and I think He wants me to be alive in it. (This would be my ode to everything I've been wrestling with on a spiritual level this week.) After all, it was His idea to breathe Life into this dust.

All that to say I was refreshed today- though after yesterday, anything would have been refreshing. Now, I'm off to spend a bit more Valentine time with my own two valentines - the little one has just set up her "a-roo-roo-rwooo!" that sounds just like a little hound dog puppy... She's so cuuuute! (Oh, there was a *sing-songy voice* in there.) Funny how much more I can want to be with her after a little me time... I would never have guessed! Hmm... Thinking that I must make this a regular habit.


SKELLER said...

Ahhhh, Kelly. Your photos are all pieces of art, and your musings are filled with wisdom.

So true. A little time away really does make our hearts fonder. And yet, a little time away is a hard thing to get much of in our kiddos' younger years.... I'm glad you got some today :-)

||| laura frantz ||| said...

You're speaking my language, hon. Good for you. :)

dancebythelight said...

It is so refreshing to do things on your own. I remember relishing it right before the boys were born, thinking, "It won't be THIS easy to walk into a store for a long time." :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

elk said...

what a happy post with exquisite images and you are on the right track ...take just a little time off to regroup!
Thanks to Pete for understanding too!

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