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Monday, February 23, 2009

You know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there is no picture that can "say" the thousand words in that journal. The last couple of days, I've been going through tons of old pictures that I haven't had time to process or organize since before Piper was born - well, before that, even. It's been a walk down memory lane (to be perfectly clich├ęd about it) with memories surfacing from one house to another to another, to another. All these things that I have seen and loved and lost.

But I'm not just processing photos. I'm processing life. My life over the last two years or so. It's like a journal of pictures that bring everything back for me in a hundred different ways, something others will read and never understand. I remember things I felt when I took these photos, things that frustrated me, places I was, people I was with.

The words in the journal pulled out at the top of this post were those of a girl who loved someone, who wanted to know God more, whose passion was deep and fresh and young. The pictures I've found tell a deeper story to that girl, painting the fresh emotion of her words with the depth of life and experience and the next page in her story.

While I'm organizing my eye and my computer and my brain, I'm finding that my heart is wriggling free too from the clogged-up feeling of being caught in a whirlwind (four moves in a year will do that to ya). I wish I didn't need so much time to make sense out of it all; but then, I have to admit, I don't ever really get bored...

Seriously, check out my daily photos - see what you find that says something to you, and drop me the link for it in a comment with what it says! These have been buried for a while. Time for them to speak! (I'm starting you at the last page on this album, so go backward to move forward - and if you can make sense out of THAT, you're GOOD...)

And now we head back to that old grind...


dancebythelight said...

You know, I'd love to hear the story of how God brought you and Pete got together. I was thinking about it today. You've hinted various things, but I'd love to hear the whole story. Not that you need something else to do, but a though, unless you've already posted it.

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