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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sometimes, when I don't see a photo, I have to look through my lens to discover something beautiful that I didn't see. Sometimes when I have nothing to write, the thing I must do is sit down and write, to find that I do have something to write. So I write.

I write that I photographed a promise this morning. I write that I showered and dressed and played with my girl and spent breakfast with Pete over easy Eggs Benedict that was not gourmet. I write that I have nothing to write, but that I want to show you how we moved the furniture around in our temporary house that is not so temporary as we imagined when we came to it. The rocker lives in our room now, and Piper has a couch for her teddy bears. The house is almost clean. I know I will post pictures sometime this week.

I write about the sun outside my window, falling into my window and dancing off the leaves of my ivy that reminds me of Grandma Langner, who loved blue plaid and red plaid and sunny days and gardening and pie with homemade yogurt.

I write that I am thinking about teaching Piper about loving God who loves her, and about how I let some training slide because I am tired, because I don't need to spank her over preferences, because she is too little to say please and doesn't understand "yes ma'am" or "yes sir" or respond to anything but love after she is disciplined. And sometimes she doesn't respond, but I love her anyway.

I write about my love for my husband, a growing love that seemed to disappear for a time of winter, now budding and beginning to open to the light of his love, beautiful. He finds me beautiful, and I start to believe him.

I write of the way I am learning to respond to the love of my God - I note how afraid I am to write of it; I don't want to be trite.I write that I know that we've a common ground, we who love are born of God, for love is of God. As I write I wonder even more what love is, and follow the list of descriptors Paul shares. I write that I wonder if there are those who know God that I would never have guessed to know Him.

I write that there is photo editing waiting for me, that I wish I had more to say with words that I don't have, that I am grateful for hyperlinks and photos that let me say and share so much more when I don't have words for today.


Nili said...

I'm new to your blog and have to say thank you for writing, I wish I could write out my heart like you seem to do. Your description of Hosea's wife...that is me too, I wept when I read it and was startled at how it spoke to my heart, a recognition I was not prepared for. Thank you for writing and sharing.

Alethea Jordan said...

You know what I've found about your blog? On the days you don't know what to write, the words just flow out beautifully and usually those are the days I really get something out of your blog. =)

deb said...

along that path from where we've come and where we will be , just some of us in this . Thank you for good words and faith in your gifts.. we must keep the fires burning and spark out too.

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