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Friday, February 27, 2009

I had an interesting revelation this morning while I was cruising around in Flickr. Several times in the last week, I've run across photos from non-Christian photographers of pillows and blankets and beds and soft and things that make you think of rest. Many of these were shot off on Sunday. With commentary about refreshment and rest and rejuvenation and gratitude for a day off.

I think it's almost funny how unbelievers get to rest on Sundays, and we Christians are the people running around like chickens with our heads cut off. And not just Sundays. Every day of the week.

God made the Sabbath for man, because He knew we needed rest. He wanted to give us a picture, I think, of what it means to enter into His rest. He wanted us to want more of it, more of Him, the Lord of rest.

A day to rest was a pretty cool gift from a God who knew how hard life was going to be for us, and how far short we would fall of His glory. When do we ever STOP to accept the gift and rest for a day in Him? Just as we are, no striving or measuring up necessary, just finding ourselves in His love?


anne said...

What an intersting find and observation Kelly.

elk said...

like the photo Kelly it is restful in it's self...i do try to hold Sundays as a day of quiet and peace.

Heidi said...

So totally agree. In the last few years I have actually started RESTING on Sundays rather than running around like a crazy person (as was my habit before.) It's so nice!

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