and when you don't bloom...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

you remember the ones who love you, even though you scream irrational things and push them away and don't keep up the way you should. you remember what love is, that it is not earned, that it is humbling to receive and acceptance is not something you can grit your teeth and do.

and when you can, you give back. you hug the screaming toddler who set you off and cuddle with the man who deserves more than you, and you are grateful for a scarf made for your birthday from yarn his mom brought home from italy. because it's so much more than a scarf. it's love, love she let you have in giving you her son, love that comes by way of her granddaughter, love that makes her take time to create for you when she doesn't always know what to buy.

love isn't always what you want it to look like. it isn't always what you expect. if it was, it wouldn't be so powerful when you're at the end of you.

when you don't bloom, you are grateful that love is what it is.


Elise said...

I can't remember how I found you.

But I don't care.

Every time I stop by, I find peace, and walk away from here thanking Him for something.

Thank you. This piece was especially breathtaking, and simple, and honest. {I don't know where you've been all my blogging life...}

Vicky said...

Beautiful. My heart swells thinking my own sons may someday be as lucky to find a wife and mother who feels the way you do about your husband's mom. I love that you get I am raising my boys knowing they too, will be given over to someone else to love some day.

elk said...


Becky said...

Beautiful thoughts...I hope my son's future wife feels that way about me someday.

anne said...

What a wonderful reminder. LOVE isn't always pretty, but I'm thankful for the love I have, and should be more often...especially the Saviors love which I too often take for granted.
Thank you friend.

ellen said...

I hope it is ok that I am becoming a regular reader and sometimes commenter. So very true, that love is not earned. Humbling.

Bonggamom said...

Very moving post. I didn't understand what was in the photo at first, but after reading your post I can see it's so obvious - that photo really is all about love.

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