And the Winner Is...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Joseph and Katy, obviously! Me, not so much. (And before you leave sympathetic comments, remember that I knew this was coming and it was so totally worth it. LOL - leave the sympathy for my incredible husband, who has been absolutely amazing over the last few days!)

I promise a few more pictures and a real post sometime today, but Pip was up with a fever last night (one more shout-out for the husband who left me sleeping and cared for her), and I'm still walking like an old lady and taking it WAY easy. It's a good day for resting, though, thoughtfully cloudy with a bit of rain that makes me want to cuddle up and enjoy the convalescence, since I really have nothing better to do. ;-)

Oh yes, and were you wondering about our weekend giveaway winner?

My darling daughter pulled Undeserving out of the pile of names this morning - it appears that Undeserving may be deserving after all! (And yes, please give all credit for the bad pun to my wonderful husband too!)

For those who commented, I am offering you a special giveaway rate if you would like to order and own a painted pear print:

*4x6 print for $10 (normally $15)
*8x12 print for $28 (normally $35)

Just drop me an email with your size request and your mailing address.

And just to note, prints of almost all of the photos on this blog are available for sale; just email me your request (size and photo).

Please allow two-three weeks for prints to arrive - getting to the post office with a toddler is an adventure!


Undeserving said...

Aw, yeah! :-) Give Pip a kiss of gratitude for me! :-) And rest. So glad to hear the weekend was survived.

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