Georgiana Rose

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well, my brother has done it again! Well, I guess it was a joint effort, since his wife kinda did it.

Whatever the case, this sweet little girl with the pretty name arrived on Thursday morning at 6:50 a.m., after a four-hour labor. She weighed in at a little bit over 8 lbs. I'm so bummed that I can't hold her from here - all I can do is look at the picture and ooh and ah and coo and do all those things that women do when we're completely taken with a baby...

I've been waiting on a picture and a name (she didn't have one for about 24 hours because she didn't look like a Charlotte Anne!) so I could show her off! I probably won't get to meet her until she's a few months old... *sigh*

Welcome to the world, little girl, and congratulations, Josh and Krys!


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