Monday, March 2, 2009

i think she must have been a wild thing, don't you? only the deepest, gentlest love could turn her heart, draw her passion into the wilderness. and she gave chase. and found nothing.

and everything.

she was never cowed, never beaten, never forced to see. to see that everything she wanted had been there all along. to see that the love she longed for was coming for her, had never left, would pursue her forever.

to see Faithfulness and Mercy.

never coerced.

she was allured. beloved. freed.

the things she expected from Him she did not receive; He gentled the wildness of the mountains in her, refined her, gave to her what she had rejected, what she had not earned. what she could not earn.

comfort, hope, peace, righteousness, justice, lovingkindness - He was so kind, and she did not deserve His kindness. did not want it. but wanted it so!

and He sowed her out to other wild hearts who did not deserve the love she knew, Ruhamah - "mercy is shown." He grew His love. He reaped a people who were not His, and He was their God.

foolish, broken, beloved woman - finding fellowship in the wilderness with the sufferings of Jesus who died. He knew your sin, He knew the wildness in your heart, the incorrigible passion that sent you after fulfillment, that drew you into this wilderness.

He knows the song - He is the song. it's all right. you can sing it. He has already given you everything at the Cross, and now He gives you His Life.

i think she is still a wild thing. a wild, beloved thing. a rather foolish, weak, wild, beloved thing.

but she is His.

"I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me." (S.of S. 7:10)


Marcie said...

Such beautiful writing accompanying this stunning image. Love the soft color and dof. Looks like a touch of spring.

Beloved of God said...

OK now that does it.. just had to comment again.. this is SO beautiful!! speaks to my heart so much..thank you for offering YOU and what you have to say to those of us reading..

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