i went shoe-shopping

Saturday, March 7, 2009

At least one of my readers will now die of shock, I am sure. (Sorry 'bout that, Tee...)

I knew exactly what I wanted, though - a cute little pair of sandals from Clarks Bostonian Outlet that I tried on last fall at the outlet store in Northern VA. Believe it or not, this sandal had arch support - and I have terribly high arches (hence my "I hate shoe-shopping/wearing shoes at all" credo). I couldn't believe I found what I was looking for, but within five minutes of getting into the shop, I discovered that they did have it in stock, in my size, for the price... well, who cares what they cost? If I will wear them, we buy them. :-P

I've been wearing a pair of size nine hand-me-down Old Navy flip-flops for pretty much everything. It'd be enough to get me into TLC's What Not to Wear, I'm telling you. But now they can't catch me. And check out my new clothes! The white Capris are thrifted, the navy/white top was new from Ann Taylor - a first-time wearing too! - and the white cardigan was an after-Christmas sale gift from Pete. I put on makeup and did my hair this morning too. (I think I will not admit how often I have not done this lately...)

So, hurrah. I have slain the shoe beast this season. My next shopping project is a very specific white skirt for a beach self-portrait... in which I will have bare feet.


Charity said...

Good for you! I think it's funny how much better I feel when I "do myself up", and yet I so seldom practice this type of self-care. :o)

Christy said...

Ahhhhh!! Dying of shock! ;-) I think your new outfit is SO cute. :-) I heart white capris and think I might have to steal the navy/white top idea. Congrats on finding flip flops with arch support - that is HARD to do. :-) Proud of you!
P.S. I have a secret love of What Not to Wear, even though they are mean. It's so interesting to watch.

Kelly Sauer said...

LOL - Did you see the one where they made the girl hyperventilate on TV? I've noticed that they've been a LOT nicer since that one...

dancebythelight said...

You're cute! I love Clarks too! I got a pair of practically new looking sandals at a thrift store for about $3 and am so excited to wear them this year! I'd love to get a pair of Clark heels someday too. I'm not into heels that much, but I have two friends who have cute pairs and they say they're the most comfortable heel they've ever worn!

Christy said...

No, I didn't see that one. I've seen them make people cry, though, and that's mean enough for me!

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