Tuesday, March 31, 2009

green and white and clouds and blur
and tension in a place where i can be me
but me is mad and making mad
and me is really not enough.
talk and thought and reaction and time
and desire to hide away from it all
below the falling barometer
waiting for it to hit me as it always does when the rain comes
and the sun only peers through watery clouds.

i am what i am
it is what it is
and God is I Am and loves me here.

i don't know how to talk
and so I blur away
fading green and white and clouds and blur
always looking for the clear
too afraid of the rain.


Vicky said...

Insert "snow" for "rain" and I say Amen and me too. Missed your writing :) But one post and I am back in the groove. Blessings through the rain.

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