a mostly sunny mostly cloudy day

Monday, March 2, 2009

It was cloudy today. Mostly cloudy, anyway. The sun didn't come out until late this afternoon. The weather site I use forecast mostly sunny. Ahem. It's cold again, but supposed to warm up by the end of the week. Don't know if I believe that now. I'm looking forward to getting outside to grab some shots of our azaleas.

It wasn't a bad day. It was intentionally quiet. Calmer than usual. I spent some time working on my website slideshow - found a whiz of a code to use.

This photo about sums up the way I feel today after a full dose of garlic and a day home alone with Piper while Pete was in Columbia for a trial. I'll let it have its thousand words this evening.


dancebythelight said...

This picture is very cool. I may have to try something like this of my own.

I took my first RAW photo today. It's the one on my blog of Owen. I think I can a difference in detail. Nice! I'll probably have to take a lot of my photos off my computer and store them on the external HD alone, now that the sizes are so much bigger. Not sure if I've figured the best way to save everything in a systematic way yet. Suggestions?

I've been trying to figure out how to take better photos indoors these winter days sans flash. I think I've finally figured out the concept of changing the ISO and white balance settings to achieve this. I'm soooo happy because I hate flash! Just thought I'd share my happy photography ah ha moment with someone who cares! :)

Kelly Sauer said...

LOL - thanks for sharing! There is a place for properly-used flash, there really is. But the manual settings are so much better to work with!

Storage suggestions - I have a 500 G external hard drive, and I'm almost out of room on it. We're looking into another one soon. I just went through a lot of my daily photos from last year and uploaded the JPG edits to SmugMug and burned them all on CD for archiving. Don't know if there's a suggestion in there - I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photos! Processing from the RAW is tedious sometimes, but it's totally worth it, because you get SO MUCH more information in your image! If it washes out, it's not a complete loss!

dancebythelight said...

Yes, I need to back up some of my photos on CD for archiving soon too. I have that on my To Do list for the month, but with all I'm doing I might not get to it until next month.

So you burned the JPG edits onto CD and the RAW versions are saved on the external HD still? Is that how you did it? And do you keep any of these photos on your actual computer too, or just on the external HD?

I definitely need to get some method of organization to all of this. :)

Kelly Sauer said...

The photos I keep on my external hard drive are mostly JPG wedding archives that I need to get uploaded. All my Informal Moments Photography originals/edits are there from my weddings from the last year, waiting to be uploaded and archived. What I did a couple weeks ago was cleaning off my daily photos from my hard drive, burning RAW originals and edits to CD, uploading edits to SmugMug, and then deleting them from my hard drive. This summer, I would like to get to the rest of my RAW stuff - we were really good about burning them for a while, but we've let that go for now, since we have the external HD.

dancebythelight said...

Got ya! It's tedious, isn't it? I need to do that too. Since getting my digital camera a few years ago I have so many photos on my computer I know it's slowing it down.

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