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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I know I have friends who read my blog and don't comment because they don't want their links to be found and clicked. I also know I have linked to some of you on my blog so that I can click in to visit you easily.

I think I have a solution to these uncomfortable issues. (And a note that while *I* am pretty active on here, my statcounter is not telling me that there is that much activity here. I'm just not that popular. Hmm. Familiar feeling. :-P)

But for my friends who don't want to leave a link in a comment:

I have my comments set up so that you can simply type in your name and leave the rest of the spaces blank. You can also comment as anonymous and sign your comment if I will know who you are... :-P

For my friends who may not want to be linked from this page, please drop me an email, and I'll move your link to a private link page that only I can access. I'll be doing this sometime this week. I don't want to lose my links - it's easiest for me to keep up with y'all this way! Also, if you email to ask me to put you on this page, I will not link to your blog in any post of mine.

I want to be courteous to my readers, and I realize that everyone may not be as comfortable putting themselves out there as I am.


Creole Wisdom said...

Hi! I just wanted to say that I am a new reader to your blog, and I am really enjoying it so far. I will drop by more often : ) And comment, too.

BTW- your photography is beautiful.


C said...

I try to keep up with your posts through my RSS reader. I know my husband occasionally will comment about one of your posts as well. I think seeing all your great photography is my favorite part of keeping up with your posts, though reading your thoughts is great as well.

Mary said...

I have just discovered your blog in the last few weeks and love it. I do not have a blog but I am continually inspired by those who do. Someday...maybe. Thank you for your creativity and inspiration.

Vicky said...

How fun to see new people showing up :) It is an interesting process to try and figure out where each person is coming from and their reasons for it. Good for you for making everyone comfortable!

Loved your photo from Monday!!! I am so desperately seeking Spring!

Janice Phillips said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I read through an RSS reader which probably doesn't show up as traffic to your site unless I click through to your blog to comment which I'm doing now to A) explain myself and B) give you a shout out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly - Not sure if you would remember me. I was a visitor at your friends' (M and L) house in Rockville MD. Yow were doing a photo shoot at M's place of of work and you and Pete and Piper stopped by their house. Piper was just a few months or so.

Unbeknownst to anyone there, fI was struggling if I should say no to my doctor's recommendation for treatment. I felt the Holy Spirit was directing me away from it. You spoke that afternoon about Him leading you to say no to a doctor's protocol, and it ended up being very wise that you did.

2 Cor 13:1 :) I knew I had to say "no" to the doc. So, a very belated thank you!!!

Your friend recommended your blog to me awhile ago - and I check in to read and watch and consider every week or so. And after this post, I thought I'd let you know:)

Kelly Sauer said...

Anonymous, I very, VERY vaguely think I remember you... :-P So glad God could use that particular story for someone else. It was a pretty scary time for me, and there was no one who understood.

Thanks to all of you both for visiting and for leaving me a comment to let me know you lurk here! I was totally not trying to flush you out!

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