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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pete is working late tonight, so I thought I might just post about being home alone. Moving from full time office work where I had almost constant interaction with people (well, for an introvert, it felt constant :-P) to home and nothing but my thoughts and my baby was quite an adjustment for me. And it takes me FOREVER to adjust to change. Every time I start to get the hang of it, we end up moving again.

But I am settling in, enough to start making time for more than survival, to start actually living a little between Pete's departure and return on a given day. Sometimes, Piper and I play games together. And we read stories - or rather, she brings me books and turns the pages faster than I can keep up. I'm still learning about that one. Once in a blue moon, I will play the piano, and lately, I've been getting to have non-nursing time to sit down and cuddle with Piper, as she's beginning to wean and starting to accept my "no" to her "beas, beas, beas!" (Do note the squeak on that final "beas.")

I finished a wedding this last weekend - talk about motivation here - so I'm starting to gear up for the next three before I shoot my July wedding. I'm taking it slow, but we have a babysitter who comes once a week, and I can do some marathon work when she is here. Piper loves her time with Alexis, too, and we've found some really sweet fellowship with her family.

I talk on the phone a bit when I'm home alone, calling my mom every other day or so, and catching my sister on the fly. Piper has learned to pick up the phone and talk to it now - it's so cute! She keeps us laughing.

And we take random pictures together, the Mom, the toddler, and the cat, and sometimes we yell at each other too, and sometimes we watch movies and listen to movies and take baths and clean house. We can be very random, because too much routine is too much routine. Our favorite thing is dancing to our music together, and we also like to play hide and seek and tag. Piper squeals and squeals in her excitement now, and she's already got her "cute" squeak down.

And sometimes we bake, when Mommy wants something sweet to eat, like the blackberry crunch she is currently craving, or almond-flavored sugar cookies that go wonderfully with milk... And because Pete is not home yet and we don't need to do dinner for another hour, I'm going to go do that with Pip, since we're snacking all day too.

I like having a little person around to do things with me. Sure, every mom needs a little space for herself, but I have to say it's much nicer being home together. It's good to remember this stuff. It makes having two seem less daunting than it seems in the moments when Piper is pushing limits and taking off her own dirty diapers and writing on the walls.

P.S. This is one of our random pictures. Piper was behind me in the chair, squeezing my neck while I shot this...


dancebythelight said...

Sweet, I love being with little people too, mostly. At least my little people. And I like it when they take naps too. I'm really glad it's getting nice outside here now, though, because they play so much better and rest better too.

Esther said...

i love it when i can slow down enough to enjoy my kids as companions, and not just those i care for. they are awesome!

guess i'm a couple posts late, but congratulations on the new little life...the excitement, the fear, the wonder; live it all!

Christie said...

Little people are so sweet. We have two at our church that I grab at every opportunity to play with and they are so funny and so cute and such a pleasure and blessing!

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