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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I just haven't been thinking them out loud so much lately. I told Pete recently that it's not that I'm deliberately ignoring something that is there - with me, if it's there, it comes out. So I just don't know that something is there because I haven't gone looking for it. I'm an odd character, I think, and somewhat random and brain-fogged too. So I stick with writing the random that comes to mind and hope you don't mind these in-between stages where what I have to say isn't particularly deep.

I got the most beautiful print in the mail today from Ireland, a watercolor from a gal whose work I just love. Seriously, she's running a sale right now - you should check her out fast!

I'm quite put out with my 365 project right now. It feels like one more thing to do that I just don't want to take the time for this week. It's already three in the afternoon, and I haven't touched my camera today. The couch is just more appealing, what can I say?

Yesterday, I had a very nice feeling that I do know who I am, and whatever it is that I've been trying to be is not working, and even though I didn't know I was trying, I plan to stop trying. Yes. This makes lots of sense, doesn't it?

So I revamped my blog a bit to fit my mood, and I'm wearing the clothes I have that will only fit me for a short time, and I actually just ate lunch and enjoyed it. This was helped by the salt and vinegar Pringles Pete "didn't see" me put in the cart at Walmart on Saturday. Ahem. I will be brushing my teeth before he gets home.

I have midwife paperwork in my inbox, reminding me that I need to make a call and get some things taken care of. I'm missing my printer this week. We should get a new cartridge. All these things adults need.

Piper is giving her babysitter a hard time this afternoon, trying to convince me that she's just miserable, but I know better. The poor kid is just tired, and she hasn't napped, and I need to get her some Motrin for her teething.

And with the Motrin administered and the call made, I am out of inspiration for this post. Which means I probably shouldn't publish it, but really, I don't want to leave my morning sickness gripe up on top. So we'll go with mediocre random, hope it brings a smile, and thank you for visiting.


Madelynsmum said...

I really like these random thoughts of the day. We so often don't record these small details - just the significant things.
And about project 365 - I have many days where its the afternoon and I haven't used the camera yet, and others where I have a hard time choosing a shot -lucky there is not P365 Police hehe.

Christie said...

:) Randomness is so lovely and such a nice thing to have fun with.


ellen said...

Sometimes it is nice to just be and not feel pressure to be deep or meaningful. It's nice to read that, too.

Esther said...

it felt like a letter from a friend...random is real too.

love the water color, inspiration for a long sought gift for a friend, thanks.

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