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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I don't know what she will be when she grows up. We don't really make plans like that, not even for us. I know I'm not what I thought I would be when I grew up. But I know Pip loves music. The first time I felt her move in my womb, I was playing the piano and singing one afternoon at home. When I did an Easter special the year she was born, my seven-months-along tummy started jiving along with the choir, as if she was dancing for joy.

She loves to turn on a CD so she can dance, and already she is learning to sing along with her songs. I guess she got her love of music from us both.

I was sitting at the piano with Piper the other day and told her about her movement in my womb, told her about how Button might like music to, and told her that we should sing for Button too. She doesn't follow all that yet, but I suspect she'll catch on pretty quickly.

Most people get so frustrated with the two-year-old. Perhaps I'm strange, but I honestly get along with her better now than I have since she was four weeks old and decided she knew all she needed to know about the world. I'm really enjoying this time with her.

I think that's a good thing.


dancebythelight said...

I'm enjoying my times with the boys now WAY better than they were babies. I think 2 is great! When is Piper two? My boys are 2 on May 16th.

Kristi said...

Piper is precious and a joy. :) And yes, two year olds are better than babies.

Jessica said...

I definitely agree with the above comments. I think this is especially true of particularly active children. Lucy wanted to get down and get around by the time she was a few weeks old, and she was SO much happier once her body caught up to her mind. Sierra has been a bit more content to sit still in my lap (which is really very sweet too)... although lately she is discovering her mobility and becoming more anxious to get around. Can't wait to see what she'll be like at Lucy's age!

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