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Thursday, April 30, 2009

This photo just makes me happy. It's from one of my favorite memories - touring with a chorale over spring break during my freshman year of college. We sang this incredibly difficult, wonderful happy song based on a Psalm over and over and over, and I never got sick of it. I ordered a copy of it for myself so I could learn to play it, and it still makes me smile and relax just to hear it, remembering the passion it touched in me.

I know I'm dwelling on a lot of memories right now - please forgive me. I'm rather sick, and mostly sacked out on the couch with not a lot to do but muse on the past. Today, I had a crying session and a talk with God about what I missed at college because of my health, and Pip and I took a nap together. Well, she slept. I watched Anne of Avonlea.

I get nauseated when I'm upright; it's easier to rest. BUT, I did get a shower today. I got dressed, got my hair done, and got our bed made. Small accomplishments, but accomplishments nonetheless. Another day done. This week is dragging.

I feel as though I'm learning to lay my dreams down and trust God with what He has for my life. It's a different sort of feeling. Not a struggle so much as a deep sense that what He has for my life is best for me. I'm finding that quiet acceptance doesn't always look like defeat.


patty said...

i have a prayer for you... prayer of st. teresa


feel better

dancebythelight said...

Hope you feel better soon. Those first few months are so icky.

Love the new header!

Leeann said...

If it makes you feel any better, this week dragged for me too... letters, meetings, committee hearings and all. But I only spent one day in incredible pain with a nausaeting headache. So you have me beat there.
I guess we can agree that this week should die :P

the dork rules said...

This song also makes me happy. =)

Anonymous said...

Love that piece too, Kelly! Praying for you.

Esther said...

hmmmm...the power of submission, always a struggle for me.

i remember those tired, dragging days. when hubby would ask what i did that day, i would say something about making tiny fingernails, and ears, or still working on those lungs....it's hard work you know, the miricle is you got the bed made too!

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