Letter to Sarah

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear Mother S.:

When A. walked in and said, "Honey, we need to move," did you think he was crazy? I don't know how you could leave the home you knew and loved—your own people—to pack up and go with your husband God-knows-where. Of course, maybe you wanted to start fresh, go somewhere new, and make friends who didn't know about your barren past.

Still, following God by leaving everything behind must have seemed crazy to you at first. I know it felt crazy to me when P. asked me, "What about Charleston?" after eight years of living in a place I chose myself after twenty-some moves with parents and siblings and college and jobs and baby. I didn't want to leave my home. I didn't want to leave the few friends I had or the photography business I had spent several years building....


I had another article published at Ungrind this week. See? I promised you deep thoughts soon! Okay, so I wrote them a couple months ago, but come on... It's really just more of the same though, a bit of my struggle and growth through the changes of moving written out in letter form to Sarah of old, who moved a LOT as she followed her husband. It helps to remember those who have gone before.


dancebythelight said...

I enjoyed your article, Kelly. The creative way you wrote it as well as your story. Great job!

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