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Friday, May 8, 2009

So we didn't get fall here last year. Or winter, even. So as we're going into summer, I'm finding that I'm missing the seasons. It seems much the same here every day, just warmer or cooler depending on the time of year. Something I always look forward to about summer is that it offers us autumn at the end of it. I know I've just got the first trimester weepies, but man, I'm a basket case about the seasons recently.

I know I should draw a spiritual application here about contentment or some such obvious lesson, but I know when we came here, God asked me to be willing to follow my husband, and so I did. And most days, I am just so, so thankful that Pete has a job! So many people don't have that right now, and God timed this one just perfectly for us. And Pete loves what he is doing too, so how can I knock that?

But it's hard sometimes for me to look at my surroundings and try to be content, because I'm missing what I've known so much. I'm not really fighting God on it; I'm just sad and homesick and trying to "nest" on a very small budget in a new world with lots of heat and humidity and biting bugs that doesn't have autumn or winter before we get a majorly pollinated spring.

I'd be home sick anyway with this nausea, no matter where we were, though. I am really grateful for the time that we have right now, time to be a family and to become a family and to grow and build in a bit as we haven't been able to do in previous years when we were closer to everyone and every thing and busy, busy, busy. I wish life looked like I wanted it to look at the time. I really do. But it doesn't, and I guess it's that part of it all that keeps us looking at God with the "why" to find that He's still there and caring, even if He doesn't give us the answer. Or move us back to Virginia. ;-)

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Christy said...

I love that picture...it reminds me of the roads to get to your place in Virginia. I've been missing you; thanks for posting!

dancebythelight said...

I love seasons too. It would be hard to move to an area where there are none, or at least none like I grew up with. I look forward to autumn and spring with such anticipation, I know it would be hard to give them up! And I HATE humidity! I definitely understand your feelings on this.

ellen said...

Even when you have been born and bread in a region that has really no seasons, you still long for fall. Every year I get my hopes up that this will be the year for changing leaves and temps that are not in the 80s in October.

It's still new but I think that God will make abiding contentment in your heart to follow your husband.

Elizabeth said...

Just discovered your blog through Ungrind. I've lived mostly in Virginia and Indiana, with a stint in Chicago - but last year, shortly after getting married, God moved us down to Atlanta. We desperately miss the seasons, too! Certainly spring is beautiful here, but without a frigid, starkly serene winter to precede the green...it's a little anticlimactic. Like sin and grace. I can't appreciate the grace until I see it against the black reality of my own sin...

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