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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I don't feel as though we're getting older until I look at pictures of us from when we were younger. It's so easy to let the days slip by without notice. I've been meaning to post this photo montage for a while, and since I'm quite out of ideas for anything to write today (except an overdue article that is finally taking up a little brain space), I'm using the photos to speak. Enjoy - this is us, from our 2005 engagement to April, 2009.

April, 2009 (Gabe and Katie's wedding, photo credit Jamie Long)

December, 2008 (Out to dinner with friends, photo credit Gabe Waddell)

September, 2007 (Mom and Dad Langner's house, photo credit Kate Langner)

September, 2007 (Mom and Dad Langner's house, photo credit Kate Langner)

September, 2006 (Mike and Heidi's wedding, photo credit Leeann Walker)

October, 2005 (Estes Park, honeymoon)

October, 2005 (Our Wedding, photo credit Bob Updegrove)

April, 2005 (Engagement shoot, photo credit Kate Langner)


Heidi said...

Awh, so sweet. And I LOOOOOVE your new template!

Alison said...

love that wedding photo! You guys are adorable.

emily said...

Love this idea. Good for you!

pendy said...

Jumped here from Chatting at the Sky...what a great idea! I think I'll work on a time travel for us...should be interesting as my husband and I have been married since 1975!

dancebythelight said...

I really think that first one is so funny! Makes you wonder what was going on . . . :)

patty said...

beautiful photos! i love the wedding shot! you look gorgeous and oh-so-happy! and the sept 2006? the camera strap did not go unnoticed!! ;)
great photos-thanks for sharing!

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