Reflections: A Sequel to Yesterday

Thursday, June 25, 2009

sweet service born early
on a bright day
in which I hoped for clouds
and I open sleepy eyes knowing
I am loved
and I listen to love undoing all
my brave intention

I rest
and feel for soft, butterfly movement
and hear my baby breathing quiet
so peaceful
and wonder how daily time
feels eternal sometimes
I am grateful
and shy

gifted stolen moments
bathed in necessary candle-scent
whispered desire that is real
breakfast prepared in time
for strength
and a little late for work

the wheels of time that
slept last night
do not begin to move
at once today

time pauses
I find me waking into forever
where anything - everything
is possible
and dreams come true
are where I live
in this house I don't like
with messes and bugs and heat and no roses
with love that is solid and hopeful and wonderful and

more real than real

oh it is sunny when I wanted
and I am loved


Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Yes. This is right. This is good.

Let's meet some day.

Kelly Sauer said...

Okay. :-)

Alison said...

so beautiful! I love your words.

Owlhaven said...

Just found you from Amber's blog. I haven't seen that Sara Teasdale poem in a lot of years- it is lovely. Am exploring your blog some more now...

Mary, mom to many

anne said...


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