Shooting Again

Monday, June 15, 2009

At least on a limited basis... We did an engagement shoot over the weekend, the first time I've picked up the camera since I started feeling sick. (Claustrophobia behind the viewfinder has been an issue.)

This is one of my very favorite shots from the two-location shoot, found in a puddle left by the storm we had missed earlier while we were shooting at the beach. Congratulations to my new friends Aaron and Amy, who survived my rather nervous chatter and queasy, overheated head for what turned out to be a wonderful shoot. I'm quite looking forward to shooting their wedding in July!

I totally owe you all a real post - lately, I've just been working around the brain fog/needing to eat all the time (translation: figure out what to eat all the time) thing. I have so many thoughts and things that I want to write down and share, but I just haven't had the mental energy to put into it all.

I really am formulatin' and I'm thinkin' of y'all, and I promise to post for real very soon!


Darren said...

Great picture!

1) We're not paying customers. You don't "owe" us anything. Although we welcome new posts :)

2) Any idea why I can see this picture, but almost all of your daily shots are blocked by the work firewall?

Kelly Sauer said...


2) I suspect that the work firewall blocks images from SmugMug. I was really hoping that wouldn't be an issue; it was one of the reasons I switched to SmugMug for my photo hosting. Bummer! I linked this shot over from Flickr - I'm shocked that the firewall accepts Flickr! Can you give me a little more detail about what isn't showing up for you?

Jennifer Pinkerton said...


Sooo beautiful! :-) Wow. Pass the kleenex...its just that gorgeous.

Good work!

Alison said...

amazing and breathtaking photo. I love that you spotted the perfection in a God-made mirror.

You've been missed, but I understand that queasiness. Been there, and it's very difficult to live normally in any capacity.

deb said...

it is worth the wait for good words and goosebump pics anytime and everytime

dancebythelight said...

Love your new layout!

Megs said...

Beautiful pic!! Love the layout too!! :)

Angela Fehr said...

I was disoriented by the name change - couldn't remember subscribing to Restless Heart! Was glad to see that you are still on my feed reader (whatever the blog name!) and always value your posts, whenever you can get them out!

Anonymous said...

This is my new favorite photo by you, and up there in my all-time favorite photos. I LOVE the reflection!!!!! Great skills. - Reb

April said...

I love the new template!!! Very summery :)

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