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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have you ever wondered what happens when you leave your car running while you're filling up the gas tank?

The answer: Absolutely nothing, thank God.

At least the one time we have done it.

During our trip to Northern VA this last weekend, we stopped to fill up my sister's gas tank before Pete and Piper and I flew out.

Kate, who was driving, pulled up, put the car into Park, and forgot that it was on as she flipped the tank open for Pete to fill up. Just as he was finishing, we realized the car was still running.

And we Hadn't. Blown. Up.


NOTE: This is not something we plan to repeat in order to verify our result through scientific experimentation.

(But my passive/aggressive husband did satisfy yet another of his really-should-be-impossible lifelong dreams. The Kate/Pete combination can get kinda risky sometimes. I know you're not supposed to try to change your spouse after you get married, but I really am trying to encourage him to tap into a survival instinct. I know it must be in there, somewhere...)


Gabe said...

One of the weirdest feelings I've had while traveling overseas was when I realized, sitting in a hotel van at a gas station, that not only was the car still on, but the guy pumping the gas was smoking a cigarette.

Here's to being here to tell about it!

?ete said...

I appreciate your concern for my welfare. Nevertheless, I must point out that there are some inherent traits with which I am graced that I find superior to your desired "survival instinct" for me. For example, I have the good sense to never, EVER wear a Speedo. This supercedes all survival instincts as it enures to the public benefit. I also courteously wave whenever I cut someone off in traffic, which makes people happier. In re: survival, I sometimes look in the general direction in which I'm shooting guns, arrows, and howitzers. Furthermore, after an Unfortunate Incident, I try to avoid meandering about in crowded areas whilst toting a solar-powered blender, and I have NEVER indulged in dunking myself in the piranha tanks after the PetCo Episode of '96. Now if only someone could eliminate the growth, processing, and consumption of tubers world-wide, I'd be truly safe and alleviate about 90% of your fears for my wellbeing. I remain adoringly, Your Not-So-Anonymous Klutz

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