The Decision

Monday, July 13, 2009

This is a favorite descriptive short story of mine, written before I graduated from high school. I can never quite forget the feel of that wind in my imagination.
Cool autumn winds moan and keen wildly through multicolored trees. Showers of leaves find their whirling way to the ground. Slate-colored clouds scud across the horizon, darkening the landscape of a stately brick building and towering hardwood trees.

A slip of a girl huddles into her jacket, silently surveying the wind-tossed branches above her. Her own dark brown hair is tossed about in the many-breathed gusts, and her expressive brown eyes move as though following the unseen movements of the gale. Cheeks rosy from the chill air lend a sparkle to the eyes that seem old beyond her years, though she can’t be over sixteen. She begins to walk, silently, not seeming to care where she is going, or if she gets there on time.

A million thoughts whirl about in her mind, as wild as the wind that surrounds her. Pensive, she allows her gaze to roam her surroundings as she walks; wondering, waiting, watching. A decision looms in front of her, presenting itself in many options, and her soft brow furrows with confusion as she weighs them.

A drop of rain falls on her face, and a glorious smile forms on her sweet lips as she looks heavenward. A prayer forms on those same lips, and a peace lightens the careworn eyes. For a moment she allows herself to bask in the lightheartedness of a conclusion, then she turns and moves in the opposite direction, this time, a purpose firm in her heart.

The building in front of which she stood stands in silent approval, satisfied that it is still a place of serenity for a soul weary being. Its weathered spire reaches tall, and the bell begins to ring, sounding out a clear, noble melody to the world.
The wind whispers on its way.


Kelly Sauer said...

I just read this over, and I have to admit to laughing a bit over that "glorious smile." This one could use some editing, I think...

Esther said...

It feels a good way, who better to write about all those huge highchool decisions than a highschooler. It brought back a whole gamut of feelings.

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