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Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer and Justin are my two favorite novel characters right now. Perhaps it is because I haven't developed them beyond recovery. There is still hope for reality in their story, as opposed to the two novels I wrote in high school. This is an excerpt I didn't remember writing, when the words and character came together perfectly in the description.

Meet Summer, through Justin's eyes:
Summer. Her very name evoked memories he couldn’t afford. Her eyes held the sparkle of sun on water, the excitement of children on the Fourth of July, the gasping awe of the best fireworks display he’d ever seen.

She was as alive as a summer day, holding a glow that wasn’t quite sunlight, that glow that once made him leave his books behind and disappear into the regions of his boyhood with the treehouse and the creek, the fort, and the baseball games with his dad.


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