Piper Had a Birthday

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Or didn't you know? My first baby is finally, really two years old. She's been acting two for about six months now; I'm not sure how she could improve on her toddler act from here!

On her birthday, Pete and I learned about investing a bit beyond our tired to make her birthday special. I found myself surprised and very grateful for what our parents put out for us and all our siblings over the years, since birthdays were a Very Big Deal in both our homes. We want our kids to enjoy their birthdays too, so we tried to make Piper's 2nd birthday special, even though it meant shopping for her on the morning of her birthday.

I didn't think I could get everything done, I wanted to, so I took my little helper with me to do the birthday shopping. We made out like bandits, and she forgot about all her gifts by dinnertime, so she was quite surprised.

After a potato-chip dumping/laundry spree I hadn't planned, I needed help baking the cake, an appropriate devil's food cake. Piper obliged, and quite enjoyed herself.

Then Dad came home from work, and it was time to blow balloons up.

Lots and lots of balloons.

Balloons for everyone?

Yeah right...

Piper wanted lots of candles to blow out, so I made a big "2" on her cake out of a 12-pack of candles.

She has lots of air.

Happy Birthday, Piper!


Christie said...

Yayyyyy for Piper!!!

Alethea Jordan said...

These are cute pics. =)

Alison said...

what a darling little two-year old! And I'm with you on the "acting 2 before they are" phenomenon. But beyond that, what sweet kittens you have!

dancebythelight said...

Happy Birthday Piper!!!!

Susan said...

Looks like a fun time for a two year old!! Happy Birthday Piper. :)

Jessica said...

Happy birthday, Piper! And I'm glad to see someone else makes their child eat naked. ;-)

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