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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And I think I must admit to it. I finally found a good way to keep up with my favorite blogs. I'd been avoiding it. Refusing it. Pushing it off, holding it at bay, despite high praise and recommendations from many good friends.

Yes, I have bought into the RSS idea. The "follow this blog" idea. The "put the link in here and we'll follow it for you and pull up their posts for you when they post" idea.

I hate it when other people are right and I'm just being stubborn to hold out for the familiar. It makes me look rather pathetic.

But this RSS/Following idea, it was a GOOD idea. It saves me SO MUCH time, puts my forty million links in one place, gives me only the blogs that have updated to check, and snippets of those to decide if I even want to check. If I find a new blog, I don't have to weigh it all at once to see if it's worth posting on my site - I can plug the link in and watch it for a while, see how often I read it. And (one of my favorite parts) when I do my updating in the Blogger Dashboard, I can click right in to the blog so all that pretty, original, identifiable design work isn't wasted via email or somebody else's formatting! (Ahem. Google Reader. Feedburner. I'm sure there are others.)

I'm even gonna ask you to consider subscribing to/following me. Look at that. It's in the sidebar for however long my sense of the aesthetic can stand it.

Sigh. I am a weak person.

Okay. I think I can live with that.


deb said...

I thought I was the only one who still clicked away, checking to see if there was a post. I figured it was because , being older, it was an old school way or something. Like learning efficiency would feel tech or fast paced or not simple. And it is slowly making me crazy , which is a complicated thing to handle in our already hectic days. Thank you for the nudge to get this all straightened out. You inspire always.

Kelly said...

lol - well, I guess if my stubbornness is good for something... ;-) Glad to "help," I think!

mandiegirl said...

I LOVE my google reader! When I stumbled upon that last year, you would have thought I'd invented sliced bread. :) It has made things so much easier!!!

Melissa Stover said...

i couldn't live without google reader. i'd never get anything else done besides read blogs.

Angela Fehr said...

that's how I follow my 77 favourite blogs! on bloglines, though. That's how I follow you! :)

Anonymous said...

I follow you and others on bloglines, which I generally love! Although, lately, some people's haven't been updating. Not sure if it's on there end or mine. Maybe I should try Google reader.

BTW, do you know if on Blogger there's a way to monitor your hits? Like how many people view a specific post, how many people hit your site a day, etc.? I've poked around on there and not found it. That's been another reason I've liked Wordpress as it gives you all that info. When I used Blogger before it didn't, although it may have changed.

Kelly said...

Danielle, I use StatCounter on my blogs. My counter is invisible, so people don't feel like they're being watched. ;-) Pretty handy. I know there are a few other ones out there too, but I liked StatCounter.

Also, if you switch over to Blogger, you can "follow" blogs in your Dashboard (and tell or not tell on your profile or to the blog that you're following). You can open all of it right up into Google Reader too, which is cool if you like that kind of thing.

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