A Sister Party

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Run Amuck is hosting a Sister Party, and I'm getting involved.
Within the next month, what do you think about planning a night to spend with your sisters? ...We’re having our own Sister Parties! What about you? Want to giggle, eat, cry, whatever, and then maybe afterward join us for a little blog party?
It's all about encouraging and being encouraged by our flesh-and-blood sisters, because there is just nothing like sitting down for a face-to-face with a good friend.

I'm even racking out a photography giveaway in October as a sponsor!

If you want to get involved and have your own sister party, check out Amber's post and leave her a comment (or five, if you are seriously promoting this thing!) for some really great giveaways. Amber wants to start a "relational revolution." I have to admit, shy as I tend to be, I really like her style!

Oh, and that brings me to a happy point. We've been down here a year in South Carolina, and we spent our first year being a family, learning each other, finding ourselves again, refreshing our spirits. I haven't made very many sister-friends here; the timing just hasn't been right. But God has timed out a friend's visit just for me, only a week after a number of our friends will be in our town for a wedding, so I'm expecting lots of sister-time soon!


And for a bit more on real relationship, check out yesterday's second post in my authentic relationship series, Owning Truth - From Romantic to Real. To be continued...

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Holley said...

Woo-hoo! I'm so excited about this! Glad you're going to be a part too! Stephanie and I will be hosting one for (in)courage. Amber is just brilliant, isn't she?
By the way, loved your morning post. Good grief, girl. You've got a breathtaking way with words.

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Oh, babe. You're wonderful. I wish I were coming to your sister party.

Thanks for calling me brilliant. It's not that. Sometimes we just need community.

So much love,

Leeann said...

Looking forward to that sister-time... I think we BOTH need it!!!! Praise God for His provision and perfect timing!

Much love :)

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