Because He Holds My Heart

Monday, November 16, 2009

I had just whispered into kitchen-quiet, "God, I wish I wasn't so sensitive..."

The comment wasn't left to hurt or to discourage, but the heart had wounded before, and the innocent words brought other, shouting voices tearing at a peace that sometimes seems all too fragile.

Once in a while, a piece of music opens itself up at just the right moment, pointing into a vulnerable spot with healing that brings hot tears and sweet release. It's the stuff my favorite songs are made of. Music sometimes reveals faith I can feel, the place where what I know opens who I am to who He is, piercing through doubt and fear.

Here is one I just heard at Dianne's blog after she left a comment on my last post, perfectly timed to touch a soft hurting spot in my heart, God who is I Am reminding me that He is He is Abba for my spirit too, and does not give more than I can bear.


Maureen said...

This is beautiful and so peaceful, Kelly. Perfect for this time of day, as the sun sets and darkness falls.

I signed off Twitter before seeing your note, which I see now here on your site. I appreciate you, too, Kelly! I come here every day because I hold in wonder your deep abiding faith, your faith-fullness. I sometimes struggle so mightily with faith. Your words are reason to believe, to hold faith close.

May sounds of joy gladden your heart that is always open. Namaste.

Peter P said...

That's a beautiful song.

I'd not heard it before. Thank you!

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