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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Because right now, I really have no energy for profound.

*I've had this song stuck in my head since yesterday. Sometimes the melodies just won't leave, regardless of any lyric-disagreements I may have (I can give you so many examples of this, you'd laugh at my endless quibbles over semantics. But then, at least you'd know I'm consistent about it, even with myself...). Don't worry, though, you can listen to it. It's just Josh Groban being a sap about stuff. Makes a nice background noise.

*We had a double weekend here, with Pete and Piper sick. It's almost funny, the new noises in the house - "snork," "hack, haurauck," "wheeze," "bark boark," "sniffle-glug," "arroo-roo-roo." They BOTH snore at night now, too! There's entirely too much slime, and we're almost out of Kleenex. Which we bought in bulk at Sam's.

This is the awake picture of Piper. Her eyes haven't been this open since yesterday morning. She is SO looped out right now...

*Pete finally made it into work today after working at home yesterday, firing on two of six cylinders (should I give him eight?), but hey, it's progress. I am grateful that this virus isn't a stomach-hitter. I've not been able to handle THAT gross since I got pregnant. (Yeah, I know, my time is coming...)

*Me, I've only had a bit of post-nasal drip so far. No headaches, sneezing, or coughing. I guess I was taking better care of me than I thought. This, of course, means that I am available to take care of my two and focus on my own "health" issue, the upcoming expulsion of one Button Sauer from inside to out. And after this Thursday, we can plan for soon.

*I dreamed last night we had him before Thursday. (I have these weird pregnancy dreams in which I deliver early - they are always way freaked out. In the last one, I delivered an egg that hatched an alien and the midwives became federal agents wearing hazmat suits in some version of Area 51. We ruled out a name after that one.) We forgot to call our midwife until I realized the baby wasn't eating - okay, I was forgetting to nurse him - and then the dream segued into a whole new show in which my sister inherited a tropical island and we were trying to help her get the people who were on the island to pay her rent so she'd have an income. In the meantime, it kept raining buckets, and I was trying to keep the baby dry and fed. I think I really should stop sleeping.

*We don't have any full-length mirrors in the house, because the cats were playing in our room one day and knocked the tall one over but GOOD. Lucky them - 14 years of bad luck between them (this is assuming we let them live that long.). I never saw something so funny as the two of them streaking out of the bedroom and taking immediate refuge in the large kennel they normally hate. Anyway, it's hilarious to me to realize how pregnant I am. I look in the mirror that reveals me from about chest up, and I look just like I did before I got pregnant (with longer hair, yay!). I may feel ready to pop sometimes, but I don't know that I look it until I go out in public and people are stopping in their tracks to ask me when the baby is coming. In the dressing room the other day, I cracked myself up looking at the full mirror - WHEN did THAT happen? I'm wearing an extra-large basketball on my front. Kinda wish it was that air-filled weight...

*I set up the baby's bed (soft bedding and blankets and a borrowed-from-his-big-sister Pooh Bear), and we're garnering the rest of our labor supplies (we're doing a home birth again, for those who are curious) at the same time we're trying to figure out and finalize Christmas. Really, we need to get out TODAY if we're going to finish our gifts this weekend, as we've planned. I forgot about Black Friday.

*On Sunday, we also set up our Christmas tree - artificial and pre-lit. Neither the cats nor the kid have knocked it down yet. This is an improvement over previous years.

*Finally, since I'm rather uninteresting today, you should really check out some other peoples who have more wonderful things to say:
- Jesus, on the Work of God

- It Was Bound To Happen from Ghana Girl, a friend who is watching God's work firsthand.

- It started with an idea, an attempt at being less careless with our much. We knew that if we started giving some things up, just small things, over some months we’d have hundreds of dollars. So we quit coffee and we stopped staring at clearance tags at Target. We kept a tally through our weeks of what we refrained from spending. Then we’d meet and we’d ask what did you give up and then we’d share and talk about how we weren’t missing anything. Then we’d say God you have to tell us who to give this money to and we were so excited.

Christmas Change - there is SO much good stuff here. Before you head out into the Black Friday mania, consider where else you might give instead.

- Check out a Wordless Wednesday post (with an opportunity to share!) from a gal who knows how to make the COOLEST stuff out of what I do. It's the coolest "next step" I've ever seen! I'm so totally going to recommend her work to future photography clients.

- A delightful (and frugal) recipe for orange curd - with a giveaway! I'm totally digging oranges right now. I really want to try it!

- Five Pies and a Lulav - Sharing Thanksgiving traditions (that we, of course won't be incorporating this year, because at this stage, we'll be thankful to breathe and TASTE whatever food we come up with. Current thought: Lasagna...)

- This post has had me thinking since I ran across it the other day - who do you say He is?
P.S. If you want to pray for my sanity to resurface, that'd be okay. Right now, I think it is in hiding. Of course, if you enjoy my insane, you could just ignore the request. ;-)

(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Love your Christmas tree
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

*grin* I'm jealous that you look the same in a half-length mirror; my face and arms were so bloated and swollen by month 6, and only got worse until after I delivered! :-) Hang in there--not too much longer to wait. :-)

the Joneses said...

It doesn't matter if you have a full-length mirror -- it's still bizarre to see your body so changed. But I guess in your case it's even more of a surprise. :)

I for one was interested in your randomnity.

-- SJ

Anonymous said...

i love the random report.

we have been doing the snort and wheeze at our house this week as well...all three of us.

Corinne said...

I love a good random tid bit post ;) And your little Piper looks so sweet... the poor sick kiddo!
And your tree - makes me want to put ours up right now!

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

and thanks for the didnt realize it was me
Look forward to working with you down the road...I love your work!

Laura said...

Just checking in to make sure that Button hasn't popped yet! Your pictures are beautiful, I'm sorry your sweet ones are ill, and I'm amazed that you are almost done Christmas shopping (I haven't started yet) seeing as you are in such a, hrmfff, delicate condition.

Rest up. Sending Thanks for the sharing of your gifts.

Carrie said...

Awww...I'm sorry you guys have been sick!!! I have been more tired & needing more rest these past few days - I'll be 37 wks tomorrow. And I also have had weird dreams about having the baby early & everything - I really need to pack my hospital bag & hers & then maybe they will stop. :)

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