It is Saturday at Our House

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The morning fog swept in up the river from the sea and into our neighborhood hasn't yet lifted to let the sun. It's not a low fog here. It drifts high, giving cloudy-day illusions that burn off into blue with the sun.

I wake early, first at 4:15, then again at 6:15, and I can't return to slumber between baby-movements and tearful thoughts of dreams deferred - dreams that aren't mine, dreams that are just like mine. I ache a prayer heavenward, then ache and creak my way out of bed, grabbing robe and responsibility and an hour for contemplation before the work begins today.

And there is much to do - in delayed promise-keeping and baby preparation. I breathe long and deep and think of sneaking out to grab warm coffee and a few small Christmas gifts, but I don't, and Pete wakes up and creaks his way across the cold floors into the kitchen for garlic and C to chase away his hard-earned sore throat and tired.

Now Piper is awake, chattering away on couch with Daddy, watching "Einsteins" after having relocated and dropped bedroom toybox with a cute "whoops! Sorry!" onto the living room floor.

We hadn't cleaned up after her last night anyway.

The contractions are already working this morning; I am at 36 weeks tomorrow. Sooner than we have realized Button will be in our home, changing our lives beyond my popping joints and a writhing baby belly.

I take a breath now, and the day begins and the weekend begins, and I ponder grace and measured strength and what it means to listen for Him through the noise of What We Need to Do.

(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Kelly!
Beautiful writing. And photography! I will be visiting your site more often.

Glynn said...

A Saturday morning like I remember so many Saturday mornings. Including the dropped toy box. Beautiful, Kelly.

Lyla Lindquist said...

Not that I don't know how to run a thesaurus so I could find a word besides Bradley and Glynn's "beautiful," but that seems to be the only one my fingers will tap out here.


And I've prayed for you this morning, for your family, for that tiniest one as you wait a few more weeks.

Maureen said...

Touched by the loveliness of your words, Kelly.

S. Etole said...

There's a serenity in your photo that I trust will touch your week-end.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Such profound words!

katdish said...

Wow! Any day now, huh? Rest and enjoy this time. The to do list can wait. Your words are lovely.

Laura said...

Un-button soon...

Thinking of you.

deb said...

Praying for a painless birth.
Okay , a quick one.
Peace be with you as you ride out this last bit of the waiting.

Sande said...

Oh the waiting bit ... {sighs}

... take heart. You won't be pregnant and seventy.

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