Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I pulled out my camera to shoot the wall plaque gift I had re-noticed on Sunday night, the one that prompted my post-end yesterday, the reminder to my rueful heart to "be still" and know that He is I AM.

Standing beneath me, Piper began her little camera song, "Smiiie, Smiiie, Smiiie," waiting for me to turn it on her so that she could look into the replay screen and ask, "whoozat?" and answer for herself, "it's YOU!"

I found myself lying on the floor with the camera (unable to move my baby bulk up again without a crane) taking her picture, focusing for a few minutes at least on the little person who has changed our lives so much.

It is hard to believe she came from me, hard to believe that the tiny thing we held after five hours of labor has become this little pack of energy and vibrance and spit and vinegar and personality.

It is harder to believe there is another life with a God-plan inside me now, and I'm asking Him, "Why choose me for this? Why not someone else?"

The whys are left unanswered.

I watch Pip grow, wait impatiently for Button to come; I want to demand that God help me figure out a way to let Him into this growing vulnerability of mine, but the demand comes as a whimper by the time I get it out, because who am I to expect Him, to deserve Him in this, my "pain in childbearing?"

Piper has been more clingy lately. I don't know if she's picking up on my uncertainty about this whole mothering thing, or if it's just a new phase, a "Mommy?" phase. Even at night, if she is disturbed, she wakes long enough in our bed to assure herself I am there, touching my hair, throwing her arm over me - or tramping in from her room to cuddle in and be close. She's been calling me Mommy, with a sweet-toned question mark, looking for me, waiting for the hug she knows is still there even in the tired.

She's so much like I am, though she is so much more willing to lay herself out and ask for love I dare not allow myself to expect from her, from anyone, even from God.

I think I try too often to live without love. Piper just lives, seeing through my current standoffish approach to life, even sensing my heart within the changes it's going through, reaching for me in spite of me.

Emily encourages to unwrap God's gifts in the daily chaos of our lives; I think Piper is unwrapping me.

I wonder as I watch her sometimes - what does she know of Him that I don't? I think in her innocence, she may be more conscious of what love is. In her unselfconscious love, she is more like Him who is Love than I.

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Another good read, check out "The Little Island", sent to me this morning by my new friend Maureen.

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Heidi said...

I love this.

Maureen said...

Our children so often show us the way, if we would but just look. . . and see through their eyes.

A new baby, O'Donohue writes in his blessing "As a Child Enters the World", is potential to be "exactly the one/ To restore in . . . forlorn places/ New vitality and promise". As with Pip, so with Button. They hold our promise.

T. J. Knowlton said...

There are wonderful truths here. The fluidity of children points to Him. It is a wonderful phenomena. Thank you for putting it into words.

L.L. Barkat said...


Oh yes. How I remember the poignancy of those days. You capture it well.

deb said...

I don't know your story, or why you are so hard on yourself.
I can relate.
But I am so grateful to have been gifted with such chaos that I have to just live it. The thinking does me in.
I remember going for a run once and one of my daughters wanted to come. I let her , with sighs and moaning and groaning. She smiled at me as we headed down the street not noticing my pity party, and said "you are the luckiest mom in the world because you have so many kids to love you all the day."
if not for the grace of .

love to you Kelly

Laura said...

The goodness of God often catches me by surprise in the form of my children.

Grace! That I should be given such gifts. I stand amazed.

A Little Of This And That said...

Our children teach us so much, if only we stop and listen.

L.L. Barkat said...

Back on a different note... just to say thanks for coming to the InCourage giveaway. :)

FaithBarista Bonnie said...

"I think I try too often to live without love. Piper just lives... reaching for me in spite of me."

Aren't children a blessing? .. eventhough they could also tear our hair out!? :)

I'm not surprised we are thinking similar faith thoughts. Something must be in the water... of life...

I enjoyed how your brought out a joy in parenting we seldom read out.. an echo to joy.

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