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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The nicest thing about choosing home birth is that you don't get sent home from the hospital after a false alarm. It saves a little on the embarrassment. And my incredibly sweet midwife, Brandy doesn't get into the whole head-patting thing. In fact, she was downright happy that we had put her on notice so she could rest and be available for us.

After 24 hours of contractions, and a day of solid rest, things have leveled out and we are back in waiting mode.

Brandy says that few births are accomplished without some rise and fall in the uterine activity. My mom, who had eight children, says she could never quite tell her own early labor signs. Others I know have had weeks of early labor contractions before active labor set in.

I think it's part of that pain-in-childbirth. The forbidden fruit gave us knowledge of good and evil - not knowledge of everything God understands about His time-outside-of-time.

I so wish I had a baby picture to post this morning. I wish I was holding Button next to my heart right now, ignoring the computer and soaking it all in.

But I don't. And it's really okay, because the false alarm brought my sister down from VA. Piper is in her heaven entertaining "Uncle" Kate. And Pete and I got a Walmart date this morning to go Christmas shopping for Piper without Piper along. And we got a good trial run and practice resting for labor. We know what we need and where we'll need it.

So here we go into full nesting mode. I'm wearing a ballcap, maternity jeans, and earrings today - look out house, we're comin' for ya!

NOTE: Those who left comments yesterday saying you were praying - I haven't had such a restful day in forever. It was AWESOME. Some of you left comments that made me feel SO MUCH BETTER about the not knowing that goes along with this - every time.

Now if anybody feels like praying up some serious labor, we'll get this kid popped, right?

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Anonymous said...

Kelly! Did you have a home birth with Piper as well? I think I'd be a little frightened of that with Baby #1... I'm getting excited just *thinking* about you having a baby soon... YIPPEE! Awesome post, btw.

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

Hi Tricia - yup. Piper was a home birth too. I wouldn't have done it any other way. It was SOOOO perfect!

PaperYarnGirl said...

How did I miss that you had home births???? I had Becky at home, and it was marvelous.

Hang in there... soon enough, soon enough...

P.S. As I went to add this comment, the confirmation word they want me to type in is "famili" --how ironic!!!

Laura said...

I'm smiling here.

Glad you are feeling rested. Everything in it's own time, right? Are you sure you want some serious labor prayed up? Just asking...

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

I'm still praying it up, friend.

Talk about a restless heart. Peace peace peace.

the Joneses said...

Should I have Addie fast and pray for you? She prayed a pretty good first snowfall for us. :)

-- SJ

Bunch of Barrons said...

It seemed there was no end to my false labor with Tirzah. It literally went on for a month. I was up all night so many times, trying to rest, wondering if this was REALLY it this time. I was so frustrated by the time she got was a good thing the actual labor only took about 5 hours! haha.

nAncY said...

thast little button is keeping you guessing...that sure is how babies are.

glad you got out and about with your hubby for awhile.

it is good to get your updates.

Kamana said...

what an exciting time for you. here's wishing you all the best.

Corinne said...

I remember the days, weeks, before my daughter was born, every day I thought I was in labor (and she was my second, and I thought I knew what I was doing!). They're all so different, and come at their own time, and like to give us a run for our money :)
Saying a prayer for you and the little one tonight. May you have plenty of rest...

deb said...

Good morning , Kelly.
Thinking and praying .
I will add my" every birth was different comment too. Truly. All five had their own unique pattern and mark on my heart and soul. And I think that is the way it's suppose to be.
Stay relaxed as much as possible.

Cassandra Frear said...

KNOW that He has you safe and close.

God's timing is perfect.

Lyla Lindquist said...

Tick tock . . . soon enough. You're still waiting; I'm still praying.

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