Warm Cozies and a Haircut - A Few Photos

Saturday, December 12, 2009

So blah, yeah, it's me. (Sorry about that... :-P)

I'm showing off today. My hubby bought me a haircut for an early Christmas gift.

It. Was. Awesome. A few minutes for myself. A seriously perfect shampooing and head massage. To. Die. For. Girl talk - you know the kind about babies and hair and makeup and dreams and stuff?

And on top of it all, I absorbed lots of really sweet commentary about my baby belly and how good I looked pregnant. It was SO nice to hear, especially when the majority of people take one look and ask "so you're due soon, right?" They've been doing that since about seven months. I am seriously ALL baby here.

I am so spoiled. I'd feel like I'm being downright narcissistic, except I have felt so frumpy recently, it's really nice to feel pretty today! So I'll take it, and be grateful for it, and share it with you, narcissistic or no!

Oh, and Pete bought me flowers, too, but I'm saving a photo of those for Monday.

And it's such a cold and rainy day here, I have to pass on Piper's new favorite thing: cuddling up over the heat grate (any of them) and getting her "warm cozies" fix. It is so seriously cute, I want to cry. I just love it!

Yesterday, when I took this photo, she was cuddling over the grate in our bedroom while I made the bed, and I dropped the blanket over her as she buried herself in. WHAT a cuddlebug!

And this photo just reminded me of another one, taken when she was about three months old. So you get that today as well.

I cannot believe she was ever this small. Wow.

I cannot believe we're about to do this again.

(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


Maureen said...

Two cuties! Or should I add Pete and say three?

You look wonderful.

Becky@ Daily On My Way To Heaven said...

You look so pretty!

Enjoy you baby, baby in womb, flowers, husband, haircut....enjoy!!

Have a weekend full of Him...and him...


Heidi said...

Awh, I like the hair!

Feeling pretty is good. Probably ESPECIALLY when you're 9 months pregnant.

And Piper is SERIOUSLY cute.

Gosh I miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

i love that cut on you!!!

Jessica said...

You DO look great!! And I am very much in agreement with needing to feel pretty some days. Being a mommy can make that a rarity sometimes. :-)

And yeah... the nice belly comments are always good to hear. I think my most memorable was telling someone at 8 months pregnant with Lucy that I was due May 30, with the response, "Well you LOOK like APRIL 30." Gee thanks... :-p

Can't wait to see baby pics! :-D

Carrie said...

Ooh, the haircut looks great - so fun! I know ALL about feeling frumpy - I have like NO maternity clothes left that fit - a couple shirts and ONE pair of jeans! I cannot WAIT to wear regular clothes again - well, even my whole bunch of maternity clothes for a few weeks, instead of just a couple. :)

Undeserving said...

Love, love, LOVE the haircut! :-)

Corinne said...

Look at you, you hot mama! Love the haircut :) And your little one is just too cute.

Becky Thompson said...

I love your haircut! It's gorgeous! Everyone deserves a little pampering sometimes.

Love that shot of Piper - she's a cutie!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! i need a haircut myself...but cant decide on a cut.

Danielle said...

I LOVE your hair!!

Susan said...

It's pretty wild... I was thinking of you tonight and checked your blog and then I check my email and see your comment!
I'm catching up here... I love your haircut!

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