Bredon's Story, Part IV

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Mama's squeakin'," Piper explained to my sister in the kitchen. She had wakened about ten minutes before my transition, and Kate had taken her to the kitchen to make breakfast. I worried that she would be afraid, but my life was wrapped up in the life of my son now, in the incredible startling pain of his entrance.

I had watched birth stories with Piper for weeks leading up to Bredon's birth. She knew the noise would end and there would be a baby.


I think Bredon came during my last transition contraction. As soon as his head appeared, the panic eased. My awareness returned. There he was, a little blue head with a shock of dark, wet hair.

"We have a cord," Brandy said. I heard it from a distance, recovering, waiting for the next contraction as Bredon turned, as she unwrapped the cord from his neck. Then his shoulders came, and his legs, and my baby was no longer womb-bound, and he was crying - oh he was crying!

I held him close, talked to him, covered him, kissed him and still he cried. Already a strong one, he was.

I called Piper to come and meet him; Kate brought her from the kitchen, and she grinned with an excited "baby!" and I was so glad she was there right away, at the beginning of his life, the beginning of her new life.

I have a photo of us holding Bredon, and his daddy was smiling. My heart is so very full at the memory.


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