Drive-By Shooting

Sunday, February 7, 2010

a rather battered white,
our once-replaced CRV begs replacement again,
the chirping, I think, cannot be a good thing.

but away we go,
chirping along to pick up fresh vegetables,
babies in back,
camera in hand,
limping along
in our tired CRV, and we watch
out the window to see a good thing.

and we find it - we do, but
we're going so fast as to almost miss it, the
light on glass,
silver on green,
sky on ground-water.
but we don't quite; camera shutter is fast
and the good thing chirps home with us.

long after the car stops its chirping, I think
I hear it still in my soul, perched
with feathers
and yellow
and hope
to open my eyes to grace-captured good things.

my fast-paced two months gone,
life spinning on and passing my eye-lens
too fast
too slow
too something
and now I feel older than I was, older than I have been,
and sometimes I forget the good things

but for the chirping drive-by.

Written for L.L. Barkat's Random Acts of Poetry prompt at High Calling Blogs. Leave your own poem in a comment at her blog, for a link and possible feature at HCB.

(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


Corinne said...

Such beauty lies in the small every day moments. They're all triumphs in their own way... making it through them.

dawn said...

Okay...I loved that. I'm no I really admired that. AND I see your pictures! I figured it out. I'm excited!

Erin said...

Love it Kelly!

Laura said...

I'm smiling, thinking of a chirping CRV with babies in the back. That is the picture that goes by too fast for camera shutter to capture...

Lyla Lindquist said...

Green and blue and shiny the present tense. As we hunker down for (yet another, I keep saying this) a winter storm, all is white and this scene I simply cannot imagine. Made me want to climb into that van.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture, and the photo is lovely too.

you capture beauty, where ever you are.

you have the eye
and the heart

Megan Willome said...

Fantastic title! I came over from Twitter, thinking it would be something else, and loved the unexpected turn.

deb said...

Incredible photo.

and words,

deep sigh

mom2six said...

The photos to remind not to forget the good things. Great photo, captivating words.

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